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Food supplements are still attractive

In 2018, in France alone, the food supplements market weighed … 1.9 billion euros !

The controversies pass but the success remains: food supplements continue to seduce the French. In a recent article, Le Figaro explains that the market has represented 1.9 billion euros in 2018, a slight increase compared to the previous year.

Nearly one in two French people has already had recourse to food supplements. The reasons given do not change much: according to the National Union of Food Supplements, it is mainly about sleep, stress, digestion and vitality.

According to a survey commissioned by Synadiet and conducted online by OpinionWay among 1,000 people at the beginning of January, for people who consume them, “food supplements are a natural solution to maintain their health and avoid taking medication when it is not ‘is not necessary “. Of those surveyed, 40% say they appreciate the “natural” nature of the products and 38% consume them in order to avoid taking medication.