Let's create and manufacture your food supplements together with an optimal quality and safety approach !

Our history / our values

Our history / our values

The NHP laboratory

Located in Libercourt, not far from Lille, the NHP Laboratory produces food supplements for sport, health, slimming, the animal world and much more …

  • Production flexibility
  • Quality approach
  • Permanent technical monitoring
  • Transparency
  • Personalized accompaniment
  • Absolute respect of the rules
  • Health safety
  • Total traceability
  • Strength of proposal
  • Top quality

Get to know us better

Wenceslas Guebels created the NHP laboratory in 2015, after eight years of running a food supplement manufacturing unit managed by an integration association. The association having abandoned the activity, which had become too specialised, the entrepreneur then took over the majority of the order book and a large part of the equipment to launch NHP.

The NHP laboratory is located in Libercourt, not far from Lille, in the geographically strategic La Broye business park: immediate proximity to the main roads of the European metropolis England Belgium Germany Netherlands, absence of heavy and polluting industries in the vicinity, all in a spacious building offering many possibilities for expansion.

NHP is a contract manufacturer, which produces liquids, powders, capsules and tablets that are then sold by customers under their own brand name. But the strength of the laboratory is that it offers either a turnkey service or an à la carte service, depending on the needs. Thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, NHP Laboratory (in addition to its manufacturing) is able to provide you with a wide range of services that complement its manufacturing, namely: product design, regulatory monitoring, analytical packs, R and D, semi-industrial tests, internet picking for special orders.

The NHP laboratory was created with the aim of offering optimal production in terms of quality and safety, in standardised premises managed by a latest-generation ERP system, but also with a strong social awareness of its employees. Wenceslas Guebels also attaches great importance to the relationship with his suppliers and customers: “a win/win relationship over time can only be built through transparency and by listening to all parties …”