Let's create and manufacture your food supplements together with an optimal quality and safety approach !

Our services

Our services

Exhaustive and tailor-made services

  • R&D
  • Analysis
  • Regulatory follow-up
  • Product design
  • Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Logistics


to offer you cutting-edge solutions
  • formula development
  • semi-industrial tests


by accredited laboratories
  • bacteriology
  • identification
  • metals
  • dosing
  • pesticides
  • non-exhaustive list ...

Regulatory follow-up

to always be in line with the legislation
  • study of your labels
  • study of your packagings
  • folders submission


of your products and packagings
  • according to your specifications
  • we can create the visuals of your labels
  • of your cases
  • of your flyers ...


and securing your pallets
  • several hundred pallets in stock
  • site under ERP management
  • mapping and unique item codes


variable formats and quantities, adapted to your needs.
  • capsules (1-0-00-000)
  • tablets (various types)
  • bulk powders
  • liquids
  • soft caps


to better correspond to your daily sales reality
  • pots
  • pill boxes
  • bottles
  • blisters
  • cases
  • bulk


wherever you need to deliver, we have the solutions
  • shipment to your premises
  • your shops and central offices
  • to distributors
  • picking internet orders from your end customers
  • daily shipments to consumers